Winter is here but let’s talk about Spring!

Over the holidays, I sure have enjoyed my fair share of days where I didn’t even get out of my PJs all day.  And while I find those days quite enjoyable, I realized I have a hard time allowing myself to have them.  Like most moms/wives/women, the moment I sit down, I see 100 things that need to be done.  Steve doesn’t understand this t all.  But he has been phenomenal at doing everything he can in order to give me as few excuses possible to NOT sit down and SLOW down.

Today, the only thing on the agenda was my morning hair appointment.  I was there and back by 11:00 so we decided to haul across town to look at new living room furniture.  Taking Kylie furniture shopping was about like taking her car shopping (although we didn’t do that when we bought my car).  After the first stop, we found what we thought we wanted, but we just wanted to price shop, so we left Jenna and Kylie in the truck to go in the next place just to ensure our choice at furniture store 1.  Well.  Wouldn’t you know it we found something we liked better at stop two?  By this time, we were all starving and it was way past lunchtime, so we got all the information and left for some lunch.  After we ate, Steve and Jenna went in one more store and this confirmed out final choice found in store 2.  We ran back there and I went in and placed our order and we headed home.  Steve then took Jenna to a movie for date night and I have enjoyed a night home with Kylie.  She’s in her bed now and I in mine.  I’ve read my Bible reading for the evening and am getting ready to order some photos.

There’s supposedly snow coming our way tomorrow night, so we’ll see.  Kylie has her annual visit with the plastic surgeon at 9 Monday and I betcha if the snow comes, we’ll never get there.  I surely hate to reschedule, but I’m not risking all of us ending up in a ditch either!  It’s at the very least going to be bitter cold (for here) down in the single digits not counting wind chill.

With that said, I thought a little catching up back to the warmer days of spring might be in order.  SmileAs I’m going back, I have to reread my blog to see what I might have posted.  Forgive me if there’s some repetition here.  Back at the first of April, I was chosen to chaperone Jenna’s school trip to Nature’s Classroom.  I’ll be honest, I dreaded it as my idea of a fun time is not with a bunch of 5th grade girls.  However, it turned out not to be so bad despite the chilly, wet weather.

2013-04-03 14.53.51-1

I did realize how stinkin’ out of shape I was.  Mostly because of food like what they served.  You’d think it would be kinda…meh…but it was some GOOD home cookin’!  And it was quite nice to completely unplug and enjoy nature since normally, this family is not much for nature-y kind of stuff.

2013-04-05 09.31.27

The girls in our cabin were fun and my two fellow chaperones were THE BEST!  I missed chaperoning the 6th grade trip but the 3 of us are already planning a 7th grade trip reunion!  I wish I’d gotten a photo of the 3 of us, but it was just too busy.

The best part of the trip was spending time with this girl.


Spring also brought an afternoon of play with these sweet neighbors (who have since moved away which made us SO sad).  Tell me how cute they are?  We actually met online when we realized we literally lived 2 houses away.  Our neighbors traveled for their youngest, J, just a week or so before I left to pick up Kylie.  In fact, she loaned me her carry on bag.  We sure do miss these sweet faces!


And after lots of Spring Day play, this happens.


And then I’ll end with a sweet Sunday morning photo…


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