Today was Kylie’s annual check up.  She weighed in at 28lbs and is 36.5 inches tall.  Since coming home almost 2 years ago, she has gained almost 10lbs and grown 8 inches.  2 years ago, she was barely on the charts for either.  Today she was well situated in the 25th %ile for both!  She was quite low on iron so we are trying to increase her greens for that.  Otherwise, she got a perfect report!

Going back and trying to catch up…we left off at the beach in Pensacola…

Our first day was beautiful and we spent most of it at the beach.  For dinner, at the recommendation of a friend, we went to McGuire’s Pub. 



We had some delicious food there and it was quite the interesting little place.

The next day…well, the next several days looked a lot like this:






It was the perfect vacation if you ask me.  After no vacations for a couple years, we really needed it.  We did venture off the beach to do more fun stuff that I can share with you later.

For now, I get through these dreary days of winter by thinking of these days!

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