Snow Much Fun!

The last few days have been quite fun with all the snow we've gotten.  I believe we ended up with about 5 or so inches with about an inch of ice on top.  On Friday afternoon, we tried sledding with a box but that did not work so well. Nevertheless, we had a good time anyway.  The ice came on Saturday night so the snow was packed down underneath.  There was no snowman making yesterday.  But we got a plastic tote out and had some fun in that.  Our neighbors, the Lloyds came out and we realized they lived on a huge hill which is their front yard.  We started using the tote lid and that definitely was a hit.  My neighbor Aimee came over to play with us and the kids and that was so fun.  It's much better if there are other adults around.  I love when our neighborhood comes out...just standing in the road talking.

We shared some leftover chili with Aimee and Tim and then Tim and Steve ventured out to the grocery store for us.  Anyway, today the sun is shining and I have some laundry to finish up.  But sitting here looking at the sun shining on the iced over trees is begging for me to come out and take pictures.  Until I get those taken and loaded, enjoy these few from this weekend.


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