One of my New Year's resolutions (not that I believe in those) was to blog more.  I see now that like most resolutions, I'm already failing miserably!  But here I am finally.  Is it wrong that I have to put "blog" on my to-do list every day?

Speaking of resolutions, I am going to share one of mine for this year (other than to blog more).  I typically come on here and share my resolutions and then promptly ignore that I ever made them.  This year, I'm just going to share one of them because this one involves many of my blog readers.

I have committed to get together with...that is, have lunch, dinner, shop, take in a movie etc.... with one of my friends that I don't see as often as I should.  I think Rachel said it best...."being intentional"...about those relationships.  (Rach, forgive me for stealing your words).

I just got to thinking about how often I allow Facebook or email to serve as my connection to some really good friends.  I decided that I wanted to get together with them...one at least once a month.  I even started to make a list of those friends so I would be sure not to leave out anyone.  It didn't take long to see that I have way more than 12 (one per month) friends that I need to seek out.  How embarrassing.

Why do I tell you this?  Because YOU may be next on my list.  I haven't done January yet...I had some tentative plans that just didn't work out, but I'm going to be calling on one of you to see if you want to go out...so just beware.  :)

But for now, I'm off to enjoy my day off work thanks to Dr. Martin Luther King.  Steve's cleaning the kitchen and I'm about to go fold laundry that I was too lazy to fold over the weekend. 

See you soon!

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Christy said...

You can fly to Phoenix and let me be one! Or I will call you when I come to Tennessee this summer (hopefully) and we can be intentional together!