Date Night

Tonight, I am enjoying a quiet evening at home.  Alone.  Quiet.  Without noise.  Did I mention...alone? If you are wondering why that is, it's because Steve and Jenna are on a "date".  Steve and I have season tickets to TPAC.  Tonight was our night to see 101 Dalmatians.  Of course, we decided a while back that one of us would take Jenna instead of our regular date night.  I just assumed that it would be Jenna and I and we'd make it a girls night.  I've done this before with Annie and it was a great time.

However, about a week ago, Jenna asked if I thought Steve would take her.  I said he probably would be glad to and it could just be a date night.  Well, that notion took right off and she has been excited about it all week.  She asked him to dress up and wanted to dress up as well.

She got her bath and picked out her dress and shoes and asked me to curl her hair (which I did, but you can't really see in the picture).  When they were almost ready to head to dinner (a delicious gourmet meal at La McDonalds), Steve presented her with a beautiful pink rose just like a real date would!  She was very impressed and we made out over how beautiful she looked.

If you have a daughter, I would highly recommend this to your husband.  In fact, Jenna was so excited about this that they have already scheduled a second date in 2 weeks.  Our local Rec Center is hosting a Princess Ball for Daddy's and daughters.  We tried to do that last year but we called too late and it had already filled up.  She is so excited and it thrills my soul to no end to know that they are spending quality time together.  And the fact that I get a night to myself helps.  :)

And if you are wondering what a night to myself consists of...well...a shower (since I hadn't had one all day!), a Weight Watchers Smart One frozen dinner (macaroni and cheese), a little Bible Study and now a little Facebooking.  It will be late when they get home, so I have several hours left in my night of quiet.  And I think I'm about to head upstairs to do a little scrapbooking.  I'm way far behind and every little bit helps. Speaking of scrapbooking, the long awaited scrapbook retreat is coming up in March.  If you are interested, let me know and I can get you the details.  There is always room for more and I promise, you'll be hooked after one time!  Ahhh...I get giddy just thinking about it!

Oh, today, my friend from work, Katelyn, came and hung out with me almost ALL DAY.  She played Wii with Jenna for the longest time and I seriously couldn't decide who was having more fun, her or Jenna.  We made dream boards.  Katelyn saw this on Oprah...it's where you put pictures of your goals for the year on this board and then hang it where you can see it every day.  In looking at the board daily, studies show you are more likely to accomplish those goals.  Katelyn and I used 8x10 frames although we both could have used something bigger and we tore our pictures out of magazines.  Want ot know what my pictures were?  I have a picture of the beach because i want to try my best to make it to the coast again this year.  Especially since the family didn't have a vacation last year.  Of course, that will depend on another one of the pictures I used which said simply, "Money".  I don't necessarily want to make more money, but I do want to remain debt free and for Steve to find a job.  I also would like to add to Jenna's college fund.  Then there are pictures of 10, 25, 30 and 46 which are all signifying pounds lost.  46 is the magic number I need to lose to be at my all time goal weight!  And the biggest picture (not because it's most important but because I could find a magazine pictures, so I had to print one, is a sewing machine.  My friend Carrie has gotten me hooked on the idea of learning to sew.  My mother sewed and I have always wanted to learn.  I have an old-as-the-hills sewing machine I inherited from Steve's mother, but I want a newer, more up-to-date sewing machine.  Maybe for my birthday...

Oh, and thanks for all the comments and questions about my therapy post.  I'm doing better.  The anger has subsided and in it's place a dull ache.  I don't think that ache will ever go away.  But I plan to fill it eventually. Well, my scrapbook is calling...

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