SNOW DAY (I mean it this time)

(Edited to add:  For some reason only 2 of the four pictures I uploaded are showing.  I can see all 4 in my blog window, but after publishing, only two show up.  If you have an idea of how to fix this, let me know.  It is VERY frustrating!)

A few weeks ago (first week in January actually), we had a snow day which resulted in 2 days out of school, but really we got little to no snow.  It was a huge letdown.  And because JG loves school so much and had JUST gone back after Christmas break, she was NOT happy.

Now, we are in the midst of The Blizzard of 2010 (hereinafter referred to as "the blizzard").  And there's no tongue-in-cheek to that.  It is crazy nuts around here.  Most schools were closed by the 10 o'clock news last night.  I slept with my blackberry on my bedside table so I could know immediately when JG's school closed.

It was 5:45 before they called it and again, yet a flake of snow had fallen.  The dilemma was now whether to try and make it in myself to work.  My concern was that I would get in just to have to turn around and come right back home.  Living 30 minutes outside the city, that just wasn't worth it for me.  Back in 2003, something similar happened, but I was only living about 15 minutes out and it still took me about 6 hours to get home.  Yes, you read that right...6 HOURS!  No exaggeration.

So, ultimately, I made the decision to just work from home.  And it was a good one (even though it didn't look like it for a while).  I worked way more here at home waiting for the blizzard than I would have at work because I'm sure most people were too busy staring out the window waiting for the snow to start.  And they didn't have to wait long.  At 9:15am, they closed the corporate office.   I felt vindicated. And then I proceeded to work until almost noon.

By about 11:15 it started snowing here where I am.  I'd say that now, almost 3 hours later, there is probably an inch and 1/2 of snow.  And it is a veritable snow monsoon here.  It just keeps coming down.  I have been out just to get the mail and take the trash out.  We did go out on the deck and catch snowflakes for a minute...I'm sure there will be a snowball fight and snowman in our future....

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