Reflections and then Looking Forward

Most years on January 1, I blog about my new year's resolutions.  I think it might be fun to look at some of the past promises I've made and see how I did.  The first thing I noticed is that I've been blogging since 2006.  Really?  HOLY COW.  I had no idea.

For 2009, my goals were:
1) To read the Bible through again (using my Chronological Bible which I HIGHLY recommend)-First of all, this would have been the 3rd time in my life to read the Bible from cover to cover.  I used the chronological Bible in 2008 and loved it.  In 2009, I got to about September and then fell off the wagon, so to speak.  FAIL! (as my good friend Katelyn would say).

2) To participate in AND FINISH the Music City 1/2 Marathon-Well, this one I did.  I almost died doing it, but I did complete the 1/2 marathon.  And I have decided it's kind of like childbirth.  Right after you are done, you swear you will NEVER do it again, but after a while, the pain fades and you start thinking about maybe giving it another shot.  Also like childbirth, the year after the baby is born is NOT going to be the next time, but I do have plans to participate again...just not sure when.  I will be volunteering in 2010...I'll just be behind a camera this time!
3) To take part in the Beth Moore Siesta challenge for 2009 and memorize two scriptures a month (see below for more on this)-Another FAIL.  I did pretty good up until summer and then life happened.  UGH. 
4) To pay off Steve's hip!-This one makes me laugh.  We did have a financially tough year.  I'm happy to report that we are almost completely debt free (mortgage and one small credit card being the exception).
5) To spend more time with our parents.-Well...Mary (Steve's mom) passed away in January of 2009, so we are coming up on the year anniversary, but I think we have spent more time with his Dad.  At least Steve has.  Sometimes he sees him while I'm at work.  And of course, I spent quite a bit of time with my Dad before he passed in June.  I guess this is a moderate PASS.

You can read more about these goals here.

In 2008, I didn't do any resolutions.  Apparently I went on a resolution strike.  But I did make some pretty big life changes which I wrote about here.  Now, this is an interesting post because I could probably repost it today as my goals for 2010.

In 2007, this was my one and only resolution..."This year, I'm making only one resolution and that is to follow through on the things I commit to."  Not really sure how I did on that seeing that it's been a while.  Hopefully I did alright.

So now that we've reflected on the past years, let's talk about 2010.  If you have followed this blog (or me) for any period of time, you know that 2008 was a bad year.  And 2009 was even worse.  Don't get me wrong, there were bright spots in both years, but by and large, I'd like to forget both those years ever happened.  Of course, without the things that happened these years, I wouldn't be who I am today.  I'm not proud of how I've let the past year affect me financially, spiritually, socially, maritally.  But that's the cool thing about a new year and our God.  I especially liked how Jon at Stuff Christians Like describes it:

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!”
How powerful is that last section? There are two grenades in there. The first is that the old has gone. It’s not just that the old has been replaced or that the old has been shoved into a closet and if things get tense again and you feel stressed you’re going to put it back on and become the person that hurt so many people in the middle of your divorce or got fired or abandoned your kids while you selfishly tried to “reclaim your youth.” That person? That shell? That’s gone. The second grenade is that in it’s place, the new has come! The new, not the better, the new!

So, today seems like as good of a day to make some changes as any right?  My primary goal for 2010 is to take one day at a time and strive to make only THAT day a good one.  I am a real worrier, so I like to worry about stuff in the future.  But I'm going to try not to do that in 2010.  I do also need to work on my relationships...with Steve, Jenna and especially God.  And I need to get healthier.  All that weight I lost came back and more.  I hate the way I feel and look now.  My boss, Sherri and I have committed to get healthy together and to participate in some 5Ks.  

There you have it.  Reflections of years past and looking forward to 2010.  A better 2010.  Which is about to start with a serious cleaning of this house!

Happy New Year! 

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Christy said...

Wow, all of your goals for 2010 could be my goals as well! I will be lifting you up in prayer! I am also adding potty training the last one! =)