2010 started....

I don't know about all the rest of you, but I sure have enjoyed my time off work throughout the holidays!  Tomorrow is a teacher in-service day at school and they just tack it on to the end of the Christmas holidays, which is nice because then I don't have to worry about childcare another day in January.  Steve doesn't work at the church on Monday and I decided to take off too.  So, the three of us will have just a little more time together tomorrow. Tuesday morning is going to be a bear though.

I feel like I have gotten quite a bit accomplished while I've been off though.  I got all the Christmas decorations down and as of this afternoon, we even have the outside lights off the house (yes, Steve braved the frigid temperatures to do that).  I have a clean kitchen and living room.  We picked up the treadmill from it's foster home and I have exercised every day in 2010 which is nothing short of a miracle.  I even got groceries today and stocked the pantry for the next two weeks with only 2 days of that marked for eating out.  I even bought some healthy foods which means I went way over budget, but oh well.

I don't know what we'll do tomorrow.  I am contemplating going to take JG to see the Chipmunks movie while all the other kiddos are in school.  We did Chuck E. Cheese with our friends the Germains last week.  Movies are about the only thing we haven't done.  I even cleaned my oven, organized one of our kitchen "junk" drawers and cleaned out the fridge today.

So, I guess the immediate issue is what's for dinner. :)  Then it's back to reality on Tuesday.  I might just stay in bed all day tomrorow in protest!

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