More of Kylie Turning 2!

I have no excuse for not posting lately except that I have had other things more important to do.  I never was able to finish up Kylie’s birthday from several weeks ago. 

It was a great time though.  We had nearly 100% attendance which made us happy.  We had so many guests who came to love on our Kylie.






We just had some finger foods because it was noon and I figured everyone would be hungry.  It was nothing special and not Doc themed but it worked for both adults and kids.


And then came the moment I had waited for.  After missing her 1st birthday, I had been waiting to sing Happy Birthday to our girl.  It was very clearly more momentous to us than her.

Singing Happy Birthday!

Boy I sure hated to cut that pretty cake, but it had to be done.  And it was delish!  Kylie definitely thought so too!


My Asian Princess has a sweet tooth (which had to have been picked up here in the US because it’s rare to find sweets in China) and she dug that icing.  We paid for it later in the diaper department.  Smile

After she got all cleaned up, it was present time.  I really wanted to do an “in lieu of gifts” idea, but I never could get something together in time.  I did hear somewhere about saying in lieu of cards, bring $5 and that is donated to some charitable cause.  I totally forgot to do that, but I would have loved to have picked someone to be blessed by that.  Anyway, Kylie got tons of stuff…


At first I felt bad about all the stuff, but then I realized that she’d never had a birthday party like this before and since her birthday is so close to Christmas, she will have to wait quite a while before more gifts come in.

In the end, I couldn’t have asked for the party to have gone any better.  I didn’t feel like I stressed out too much over it and I didn’t feel rushed or overwhelmed.  It was a good time and I’m looking forward to a 3 year old party next year!

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