What Kylie is Up To

It’s been a pretty good while since I posted about what all Kylie is doing.  Now that she’s 2, she is talking up a storm.  The sad thing is, we can’t understand a word.  She goes to speech therapy twice a week and the therapist says she is doing great.  And she is.  She is clearly talking like crazy.  I feel sad that we can’t understand and I wonder if she wonders why we can’t understand her.  I’m praying like nuts that she eventually gets to that point.

Several weeks ago, we took her to her 2 year annual visit.  She now weighs 24lbs 10oz…almost 5 pounds up since she’s been home.  Which at first doesn’t sound like much but considering she had palate surgery and was on all liquids and softs for nearly a month, I think it’s not so bad.  That puts her in about the 12-15th %ile.  She is now 33 inches long which is up 5+ inches since coming home which is really wonderful!  That puts her in the 25th%ile for height!  The doctor is very pleased.  She has all her teeth, we think.  But as her pediatrician said,  “It’s a mess in there” and so we expect lots of dental work in the future.

Kylie loves to watch Bubble Guppies, Doc McStuffins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and anything musical.  She goes to daycare once a week, not only to give Steve a break but to get her socialized and learning.  She loves it and we hope we can add another day in the spring and/or get her to a Mother’s Day Out program in the fall.

Kylie climbs the stairs with ease now, but because I am a paranoid parent, I don’t let her.  Smile  But she can do it and I do let her if I’m standing behind her just in case she falls.  She is also still sleeping like a champ.  She goes down at 8pm and wakes at 8am.  On a good day, she takes a 90 minute to 2 hour nap. 

In general, she’s a happy, giggly girl.  In fact, people ask me frequently if she’s “always like that” and yes, generally she is.  She just talks and babbles and in general is happy.  Except when she’s not.  She is two and y’all, I had no idea how easy I had it with Jenna.  She never really pitched fits that I can recall.  And Kylie is by no means the worst.  But it is a challenge.

Kylie loves her daddy and jiejie.  Steve continues to stay home with her and while it probably isn’t his dream job, he does a spectacular job with her.  And I admire him. Sometimes he gets tired and irritable and I think he thinks I have it easy and in some ways I do.  But just as being a stay at home parent is no walk in the park, neither is working full time.  So to all you stay at home moms out there, hug your husband’s neck next time you see him.  Because I can tell you from experience, working all day to come home and not even have 5 minutes to change clothes without a child clinging to you and then handling all the evening duties such as bath, pajamas and bedtime 5 days a week is not easy either. 

But it is all worth it.  Kylie is thriving and that makes me uber happy.  I can’t believe it’s been almost a year.

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