I am...A Master Guilt-Tripper

I am Fun

Yeah, this one I’m not super proud of.  But it is a large part of who I am.  I don’t really know where the guilt-tripping came from but best I can figure, it came from a couple of prominent male figures in my life when I was young. 

I can lay a guilt trip on you so subtly that you never know I did it.  Most of my friends have likely experienced this even though they may not have realized it at the time.

I can also put a guilt trip on myself that would make a grown person cry.  And sometimes it does!

But the ones who get the brunt of my guilt laying?  My family.  The thing is, I think Steve caught on to me pretty early in our marriage.  But Jenna is probably the unlucky recipient of most of my guilt trips. 

This is part of me that I don’t like.  I don’t want her (or anyone) to feel like I made them feel guilty. This is part of my life that God is shedding light on and of course, whatever is brought into the light is no longer hidden and must be dealt with.

So if you catch me laying a guilt trip on you or someone else, call me out.  Because I can assure you, God is!

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Stacey said...

I keep telling you you are a closet Catholic. This is just more fuel for my theory. Love you friend.