Where's Mom?

The link to this story has been reposted multiple times on Facebook over the past few days.  I had it forwarded to me by moms and moms to be eventually :) alike.

I've read the article and it's touched me as it has many other moms.   If you haven't read it yet, I encourage you to go right now and read it.

Basically it's an encouragement to moms everywhere to get out from behind the camera and get in front of it.  Because as much as we hate to think about it, we aren't going to be around forever.  And let's be honest, some of us have shorter time than others.  And you just never know.

My mom always hated being in pictures.  She never thought she looked good in them, and I'm much the same way.  She was always more concerned with making sure I was in photos, but definitely not herself.

And when she died at 55 years old, I was only 18.  I have a small photo album of all the pictures she is in.  A SMALL ALBUM.  That's all I have left of her.  Because the pictures in my memory have faded over the last 20 years.  I have a couple pictures of my mother when she was young and I absolutely TREASURE them.  I never got old enough to be curious about my mother when she was young and the opportunity slipped away from me.  I don't want my girls to end up like that.  Sitting around wondering what my young life was like and wishing they had more pictures with me in them.

So, here is my start.  A grainy, iPhone photo of me and Kylie. 
She's eating mashed potatoes and I am already in my PJs (though you can't really tell).  There are others of Jenna and I but we'll save those for another day, another post.

I encourage you...married or single...moms, moms in waiting or moms to be...dads...whoever you are...get out from behind the camera and get in front of it every once in a while.  There are people who love you and want to rememer you living life.

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Christy said...

I know it sounds terrible, but Tony and I call them funeral pictures. We had a friend die at 35 in a car accident and saw all these wonderful day to day pictures of her at her funeral. We realized that he doesn't have many and I have even less. So we say to each other that we need to make sure we have pictures of us living our lives. Not just for our funerals, but for our children to have as they get older.