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This one is gonna be quick (yeah right) because I need to get some rest tonight.  I've been working hard on something pretty cool that I think you will enjoy and so I've spent too many nights staying up past my bedtime!!  More about that below.

I get the question all the time about how Kylie is doing.  There's a bunch to tell but I never remember to write it down.  Tonight is the night.  :)

Kylie had the croup a few weeks ago.  Luckily we caught it early and so there was no middle of the night coughing fits.  If you've ever experienced the croup, you apparently know exactly what I'm talking about.  Honestly, I'm not 100% certain the doctor was right on that though.  (for the record, we did not see our regular pediatrician because she was a work-in).  At any rate, the steroids they gave her for 3 days seems to get rid of most of the cough. 

We had our follow up appointment today for the rest of the flu shot and Kylie weighed in at 23lbs 13oz which is over a pound more than what she weighed at the doctor visit about 2 weeks ago!  She is apparently going through a growth spurt because she's going to sleep at 8pm, sometimes napping during the day and then sleeping until 8:30 or 9 in the morning.  She's also eating like there's no tomorrow.

Her palate surgery appears to have been quite the success!  She just has the one tiny hole at the front which he left on purpose to allow for growth.  They'll close that up when she's 4 or 5.  She had maybe 4 teeth when she came home almost 7 months ago now (HOLY COW.  7 months???) and she has all but her eye teeth (?) now.  There are several out of place, like her front teeth and one on the cleft side, but for the most part, they look to almost be in the right spots.  I'm starting an orthodontia fund now.

Kylie's speech therapy is going well.  She's working on lots of other words and she is attempting to say words although they don't sound clear to us and so many times it is easier and less frustrating for her to grunt, point, sign or whine for what she wants.  But we are working on it.

We started letting Kylie use a regular spoon instead of the baby ones and it seems to have helped tremendously.  She is also starting to use her hands with some foods (like mashed potatoes) and that is apparently a good tactile activity according to the EI teacher.  It gets a wee bit messy at times...
She has also started taking our hands when she wants something and leading us to it.  It is the sweetest thing.  Like she's saying "Come here!!"

Kylie is now in the 50%ile in weight!!!  That makes this mama's heart happy, although she is still in 12-18 month clothes and size 3 diapers.  It's good because there are a lot of 12-18 month winter clothes that I was thinking she might not get to wear.  We finally had her feet measured to be sure we had her in the right size shoes (we have TONS of hand me downs) and sure enough, size 3 is right.  I sent Steve out to buy her a new pair...
Yep...they are red Converse.  And she can ROCK. THEM.  I was so surprised that Steve would have chosen such shoes, but so very proud of him.  Clearly she thought they were pretty cool too.

He also does a pretty good job at dressing her every day.  This is one of the first fall/winter outfits she's been able to wear.
Kylie also likes to watch TV with her favorite shows being Bubble Guppies, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Doc McStuffins and Dora the Explorer, in that order.  She usually watches a few minutes and then does something else, then watches more and does something else.  She'll usually come grab my hand, pull me over to the living room, pick up the remote control and grunt at me with it.
Many of these pics come to me during the day while I'm at work via Steve's iPhone.  I love that he keeps me updated during the day.

The closer Kylie gets to 2 years old the more we see her starting to throw fits when she doesn't get her way.  We sit in time out every once in a while, but usually  not even the 1 minute.  She'll scream and cry for about 15-30 seconds and I'll say, "When you are all done crying, let me know."  She'll usually immediately stop and sign "all done" and I'll go pick her up.  She can definitely turn it off and on.  I think we are going to have our work cut out for her.

In general, she is a happy and hilarious child.  She continues to love the nursery and being around other kids.  She doesn't like us to leave her, but what child this age does?  She only cries a second and she squeals like nuts when we show back up.  It's hilarious and makes me so happy and I really need to video it and post it.

So that's what we are up to.  And guess what?  I have nearly finished her Gotcha Day video!!!!  I am hoping to have it posted on Friday, so please be sure to come back and watch it when you have a few minutes.  If you are not familiar with a Gotcha Day video, it's usually a montage of photos and some video set to music which tells the story of the adoption journey culminating in the moment you get your child.  Ours contains never published before video of the VERY MOMENT I held Kylie for the first time.  You definitely don't want to miss it.  Come back Friday!!!

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Julie said...

LOVE every picture. And that headband is adorable! She is doing all kinds of stuff now, way to go Kylie!