An Open Letter to....YOU

So, this is not at all like me...usually I'm super quick on the thank you notes.  But this time, life has just gotten in the way.  It's not a good excuse, but it's the truth.

We had so many people love on us in a variety of ways while we were in the hospital with Kylie's palate surgery...

Several members of our Life Group brought us dinner when we were home.

We had a bunch of visitors.

We got flowers and gifts.

We received texts, facebook encouragement and blog comments.

There were prayers...

And special nurses who rearranged their schedules to take care of us.

I wanted to send everyone thank you notes because you made one of the hardest things a parent goes through, tolerable.

Unfortunately, it's been 2 months and I now know I'm never going to get around to those notes.

So today's post is for YOU.  It's a public THANK YOU to those of you who:

Brought dinner.
Sent gifts.
Cared for us.

You KNOW who you are.  And so do we. 

And we thank you.

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