Happy F'all Y'all!

This past weekend, Steve was volunteering at the Sheriff's office all day on Saturday, so I decided it would be a good day to take the girls to the pumpkin patch.  It's been a few years since we've last been because Jenna is a bit too old for it now and we just couldn't fit it in. 

We are about to embark on a bunch of FIRSTS for Kylie and her first Halloween is coming up fast.  Jenna wanted to bring her friend from school, Gracie, so we picked her up and we were on our way.

We went to a local farm which is well known in these parts and we picked a Saturday where a HUGE college football game was being played here (Auburn vs. Vanderbilt).  I intentionally planned the trip at about the same time as the game hoping the farm would be less crowded and it was!
It was the absolutely perfect day too.  It was mostly sunny, not raining at all and in the 60s with no breeze (which can make it so much colder!)
Unfortunately, I had forgotten and set my camera on different settings.  These settings are great for doing close up portraits shots of things that aren't moving, but not so much for the kind of pics I was taking.  And because I had my hands full, I didn't stop to look and realize most of pics were blurry.  I did correct my ISO so they weren't all blown out, but boo on losing most of the good ones I thought I had.  But I did get a few decent shots...

Kylie especially loved the hay ride where she could see the cows (you'll have to trust me since none of the photos turned out) and she was saying "moooo mooooo" the whole way in that high voice of hers.
She liked the corn too.  We just had a good time in general.  The big girls were a huge help with Kylie and most of the time fought over who was going to hold her, walk with her, give her the cup and pose with her.  Poor Kylie is going to grow up with a multitude of "mothers" with all of Jenna's friends!!
We did end up with pumpkins.  Several actually.  Jenna picked the biggest one she could possibly find.  I don't know what we'll carve it into, but I know there will be roasted pumpkin seeds from it and this year I might try to make something with the pumpkin like bread. 

The best photo of the day?  The one I took with my iPhone.  Of course.  God bless the iPhone.
Happy fall everyone!!!

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