A cool meeting (or two) sans photos...

One thing I had meant to blog about when it happened, and because of the craziness, it slipped my mind was the fact that I finally met one of my virtual friends!

I met Kelley online when we were going through the adoption process together.  I can't remember exactly what drew us together, but we did end up thinking we might be traveling at the same time.  God had other plans though and we ended up passing in the sky.  However, like most of my other adoptive friends, we've kept up with each other via FB and blogs.

It just so happened that the time Kylie had her surgery, Kelley was actually in town (she doesn't live TOO far away) at Vanderbilt.  She tried to find us the day of surgery but I think we had just gone back after Kylie was in recovery and so she missed us.  She ended up back in the vicinity a few days later and because we were still there, she came up for a visit!

It was SO COOL to meet her after all this time knowing her virtually!  I didn't have my camera with me and I sure wish I'd thought to take a photo with my iPhone, but I forgot.  I'm so glad to have met her and you know it was so nice to have a visitor to take the monotony out of sitting in the hospital room all day!  Kelley-next time you are in town, let me know!  I want to spend more time with you!!

Also, the day of surgery, we were in the waiting room, when we were pleasantly surprised when an old friend from our home church walked in!  Butch was a very close, dear friend when we were there and he now works at Vanderbilt.  He is as hilarious now as he always was and it was JUST the break we needed while waiting for Kylie's surgery to be finished. 

It's little God-things like these two unexpected visits that got us through that week!

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