Need Magazines?

I hate sending these requests to folks because it seems like everytime I turn around, I'm asking for money for something! So, here you go...take it or leave it!

Jenna's school is selling magazines. She is dying for you to buy some, mostly so she can get the free junk toys they give away when you sell so many subscriptions. I always renew a couple of my own magazines, so if you are looking to renew, you can do that too. OR...if you are like me and already supporting your own student with magazine subscriptions, they also have a variety of CDs and other items that you can purchase.

Go to http://dles.lipscomb.edu/ and click on the picture link for QSP magazine sale. Be sure to enter Jenna's name so that she can get credit. She's 1st grade Gates if you need that too. We appreciate your support!

Also, coming very soon is another book review and this one is the best yet. If you have read The Shack and liked it, then you'll like this one (if you haven't read The Shack, run...don't walk...to your nearest bookstore or library and read it NOW!).

Stay tuned...Dinner with a Perfect Stranger...coming soon (FREE GIVEAWAYS TOO!)

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