Prayers for Stellan

You all know that I'm a blog hog. I read multiple blogs a day and several of them are of people I don't know, don't live anywhere near me and that I have never met.

One of these blogs is MckMama's blog. She has 4 children and is married to Prince Charming. If you've never read her blog, hop over...she's hilarious and has quite the story.

Her youngest is 4 month old Stellan. In utero, he was diagnosed with SVT...which is a very serious heart condition where the heart beats very fast and erratically. (If you want to know more, Google it...I don't have time to explain it here).

The doctors basically told her that he would never live. But MckMama had a direct line to the Great Physician and believed for a miracle. And a miracle happened. She basically put her life on the line in taking drugs to help calm Stellan's heart at the risk of destroying her own. But God chose to protect them both and Stellan was born happy and healthy.

Until this weekend.

He had been ill and they ended up taking him to the ER. His heart has begun beating fast and erratically again and he has taken a turn for the worst. Many of the blogs I read also keep up with MckMama and her family and they have posted asking their readers to pray.

And so I now join that group. MckMama and her family are Believers and know that God can perform a miracle with Stellan. He's done it once before. But sometimes miracles don't come in the form we want them too. But right now, if you could go before the throne with your prayers, there is a Mama out there, about to lose her miracle son, who would appreciate it. I have come to feel deeply for this family I have never met and have fervently prayed for them. Will you join me?

If you have just a moment, please pray...

To stay updated on MckMama and her family of MSC (many small children), go here. Feel free to leave a comment letting her know you are praying for them.

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