Prayers needed for a friend...

Can I ask you all to pray for a dear friend of mine, Meredith? Meredith is a wonderful woman of God who goes to church with us and lives down the street in a neighboring subdivision. My favorite thing about Meredith is that no matter where I happen to see her, she greets me with a hug, asks me about whatever is going on in my life (she's a blog follower of mine!) and makes me feel like I have a friend wherever we are (which is a big deal to me when I'm in large groups!).

Anyway, Meredith found out early this morning that her father was tragically killed in a auto accident late last night. I know first hand the pain of losing a parent (and in-law...her husband Dave is equally awesome!) and I weep now just thinking of the pain she is in.

The good news is that Meredith's parents are both Christians (her mom's a pastor) and so I know they take some comfort in the fact that her dad is sitting at the feet of Jesus right now. But they are also mourning their own earthly loss.

Please remember this family in your prayers over the coming days.

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