No news...

No news on Daddy really. He's still heavily sedated. My step mom was with him this morning. He still didn't really know where he was and never called her name, but seemed to know who she was. She managed to get a little bit of grits and eggs down him for breakfast and some OJ. But one arm is restrained and he's still very "out of it".

Looks like it will be several days before they even think about taking him out of ICU.

I plan to visit later this afternoon. Will post more when I know more.


leigh ann said...

Sandra, I had no idea this was going on with you guys. I hope that Bailey being there today wasn't a hardship for you guys. She had so much fun. Thanks again for hosting! Saying a prayer right now for your dad.

clg0513 said...

Sandra - I'm thinking of you and your dad tonight. Call me if there is anything I can do.