Quick update on my dad...

Yesterday afternoon, he began to get what I would term severe paranoia. He thought they were poisoning his food at the hospital and that we all had signed an agreement with the hospital to keep him there forever. He was not in a good mood, and that's putting it mildly. He was yelling, unreasonable, refusing to take his meds or let them do vitals etc.

So basically, today, when he wasn't any better, Bertie spoke with the doctor and they decided to discharge him home instead of skilled nursing or inpatient rehab. I'm here to tell you that there would have been no way to get him anywhere but home. Bertie I guess will have to spend 24/7 at home with him over the next few weeks. Our hope is that once he gets there, his mind will clear and things will get better.

But I have a feeling the hard part is just starting. Pray for Bertie. I do not expect this to be an easy ride.

That's about it for now. I'll update you more later.

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