I wish I had a better update on things with Daddy, but whatever I say now could change in a couple hours. Last night, he ate a pretty good dinner considering and seemed way more alert than before. It was, according to my stepmom, "by far, his best day". But then this morning, he only ate a bite or two or breakfast and not any lunch and I don't know about dinner.

It appears his space/time continuum is messed up as he says he'll eat when he gets home and he's not just being stubborn. He just seems to think that he's going home in the next little while. When we walked in today, he smiled and just acted so normal...the way he always does when he sees us. But after about 10 minutes, it's like the newness wore off and he went back to staring off into space. He was asleep when I left so I didn't wake him to say goodbye. However, when he wakes, I'm sure he won't even remember we were there. It's very frustrating.

We are going to have to make the decision soon as to whether to send him to a skilled nursing facility when they discharge him. At this point, that looks like our only choice.

In other news, last night, Steve and I (and JG) went to spend the evening with two couples from church, the Babbs and Heplers. The three couples went through a fabulous marriage class several years ago and ever since we have gotten to where we really enjoy getting to spend time together. It had been MONTHS since we'd gotten together and so last night was such a welcome distraction! We grilled out and caught up and then played a few games. How fun! We just laugh and laugh when we are together. What it also meant was that we got home really late. I hope it's not that long before we get together again. We plan to go see the movie Fireproof and then go through the Bible Study that goes with it. I can't wait. I love these couples and their family dearly...they mean the world to Steve and I!

That's about it for this weekend though. I enjoyed a very relaxing day yesterday even though today was crazy busy. I would love every weekend to be like yesterday. Ahhhhh...

Well, here's to another week!

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