Need your advice

I know, I know...I haven't blogged in days and here I am asking you for help. I promise to catch up this weekend! We're still trying to get back in the school routine. Which is actually a brilliant segueway into what I need your help on.

I am wondering (mostly for you workforce moms out there) what do you do with your children on the days that school is out (for a reason other than weather or holidays) and you have to work?

Here's our dilemma...JG goes to a local private school. I realized today that between now and the end of the school year next May, there are about 16 days that they are out and I have to work. Because in April, Steve will be training with his diabetic alert dog for 3 weeks in MO, we really need him to save his time, so he can't take off work to keep her. All my babysitters are in the Williamson County school district and NONE of their days out correspond to ours. So, babysitters aren't an option. I can take off, but after all the time I've missed this year with Steve's issues and the 2 week vacation (much needed), I'm going to be out of time soon, not to mention having my boss mad that I have to take off 1-2 days every month!

I called the local Peanut Gallery and they have out-of-school care, but only for the 2 school districts they are in or touching. The local gymnastics place covers some days during the extended holiday season, but that only saves a few days.

SO. All that to say, what are some of your suggestions? Do you know of places that offer service like this? Most of my stay at home mom friends are homeschooling or have little bitty kids and who wants another 7 year old running around?! I know there has to be more working moms like me out there with this problem. And my blog is probably not a wide enough forum to get enough answers...but I'm asking anyway...anyone have ideas?


Karen Hepler said...

I am happy to help anytime!!! Hailey would love having someone to play with. But, since there are 16 days I am sure you need more choices :-) My sister in law works with 3 kids so I will ask her where her kids go....I will keep you posted :-)

Christy said...

Maybe if there are other working moms that you know who's kids go to school with Jenna you could work out a co-op for some of the days. Everyone takes off, say, two days and watches everyones kids. If I were closer, I would love to help out! Most stay at home moms like it when other kids come over since their kids have something new to do and are much nicer (at least that is the way my kids are!) Hope you work something out!

clg0513 said...

Love the co-op idea. I was also going to suggest that since there are kids in older grades at that school find out if any of them would like to earn some extra $$ on their days off?

Meredith said...

We can help a few days! We'd love to have another friend around ... we can always do school in the evening after she goes home. Let her come play with us!

Anonymous said...

If any of the days correspond to days Kelsey is off, she's welcome to stay here. Kelsey would love to have a playmate other than me!