Update on us

Just thought I'd do a quick post. This week was crazy busy. I feel like I haven't been online all week which is unusual for me. I have to tell you though, my ladies Bible study started back on Tuesday night and it was like coming home. Each and every one of the ladies in that group are like family to me. I just love them all and I can't wait to go back when we are on break.

Jenna has had a good couple of weeks at school. She's had 2 spelling tests which she made perfect scores on. I am so proud! Our parent/teacher conference is next Thursday afternoon, so we'll see what the teacher thinks about how she's doing at that time.

Steve had another follow-up with the orthopedic surgeon last week. The doctor was pleased with his progress, but said he wasn't ready to release him yet. I think he goes back in another 6 weeks. He did, however, tell him that he could cease going to physical therapy. I think he was really glad of that and it will help out with our schedule at home too since he was going twice a week after work. He's doing a little walking around the house without his cane.

As for me, work has been busy, but not crazy busy like before. It just seems like I have something going nearly every night after work and that makes for a long week.

That's about it for us around here.

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