Just a quick post to get a couple prayer requests out there...

First of all, my cousin by marriage down in Florida, Anne, has recently found out she has breast cancer. This is a recurrence of breast cancer that she fortunately overcame some time ago. It is very serious and she's got a long road ahead of her including some pretty nasty surgery coming up. Please pray for her and her husband and family.

Also, please keep my Dad in your prayers. Many of you know that he has a serious case of COPD (lung disease) and emphysema. He's got about 20% use of his lungs and is on free flow oxygen most of the time. Friday afternoon, my stepmom called and reported that she'd carried him to the doctor because he had some congestion that they couldn't seem to clear up. The doctor immediately put him in the hospital. They were hoping they'd caught it before it turned into pneumonia. For anyone with lung disease, pneumonia can be deadly. Last time Daddy was in the hospital, they made it pretty clear that a bout with pneumonia would be very bad.

At this time, we are unsure whether this congestion has turned into pneumonia. Steve, Jenna and I went and spent some time at the hospital this afternoon and while he looked tired, he seemed to be doing better. But, tonight after we got back from dinner and more errands, my stepmom called to report that he was not doing well. Even walking the few steps to and from the bathroom in his room leaves him barely able to breathe. The doctor came by tonight and told him he should not expect to go home in the next day or so. Daddy is very down tonight and wanting to go home. He is threatening to check himself out tomorrow AMA which would most certainly be a fatal decision.

My stepmom told me that his condition is "quite serious". So, please, pray for healing and for Daddy to have peace in his mind about staying there. I'm going to the hospital as early as I can tomorrow to give my stepmom a break and to try and calm him a bit. And pray for strength for my stepmom. She's 18 years younger than my dad, which is good, but he is a handful to care for and live with and that is putting it mildly. Those of you who know the whole story, know what I mean.

I'll keep you posted...

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