I haven't been blogging like I usually do and I'm sorry I haven't updated...

First, Tuesday's weigh in was very depressing. I've felt like a bottomless pit and after reaching my 10% goal last week, I promptly gained 2 lbs this week. I was very disappointed, although admittedly, not that surprised. Sometimes you just *know* you are going to gain.

My dad is doing very well. He sounds good and while his breathing isn't improving (and won't), everything else is good. He just sounds better and that's truly a load off.

Work is busy. I'm about to transition into my new role in about a week and so I'm trying hard to wrap up all the loose ends. They haven't even begun to interview for a replacement, so I'll be doing 2 jobs for a while it looks like.

Thanks to all my friends who ordered Premier Jewelry and Avon, I was able to send in $1600+ to Heaven Scent Paws! Our fundraising letters have almost all gone out. Many of you have probably received them. If not, then just hang on, you'll get one. :)

That's about all that's going on right now. Jenna has just a week of school left and then it's summer time! I can't believe the year has passed so quickly.

I'll update later this week when I have more to share.

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