E. T.

So, last night, we got home after dinner and decided to watch our Netflix movies. Jenna had one and Steve had one. We popped in Jenna's in her DVD player in her room and settled down to watch Steve's. Well, as he went to put it in, he realized that the movie was cracked. It was already 9pm, and I didn't want to start my movie, so we were just toing to watch some of the stuff we DVRd.

At some point, Steve went in to see how Jenna was doing and I heard what I thought was laughter. I figured he'd gone in and started tickling her or whatever. Moments later, here comes Steve carrying Jenna who is absolutely SOBBING. And it's the kind of crying where you can't breathe etc. I had no idea what could be wrong. Well...

Apparently she thought the movie ET was sad. She thought it was sad that ET got left behind. She thought it was sad when Elliott took away the toy he was trying to eat. She thought it was sad when he felt into the bathtub of water because she thought he was going to drown. And this was just 20 minutes into the movie. For those of you that have seen it (who hasn't), you know it gets WAY worse before it gets better. She lightened up during the middle of the movie especially where he gets drunk and starts bumping into things. And then she sobbed all through the end of the movie where ET dies and those people take over the house. Of course, it was a happy ending and she was glad she watched it.

I told her she was getting worse than her mom about crying during movies. :)

Well, I better get up and get busy. We've got several things to do this weekend....

Happy weekend!

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