Just a few quick words...

Thanks to all of you who read my last blog (epic) and commented on the blog or in person. I have found so much support through all of my friends. Just remember, this is an ongoing journey for me and your prayers are still needed.

Thanks again for those that have asked and prayed for Steve's parents. His mom is still at home and recovering. We went by the hospital last night to see his dad and she was there visiting. She just looked so much better being by his side. If there's one thing I wish for Steve and I, it's that we will be as much in love with each other after 50+ years as his parents are.

His dad is doing OK too. He looked good last night and you could tell he felt better with Mary at his side. They are hoping he will be able to go home tomorrow or Tuesday if things continue to go well. Because of all the blood thinners he was on, he's still passing some blood and they were checking that out tonight. We haven't heard the results of the test yet.

Neither of them are out of the woods totally yet, so keep them both (and all the Taylors) in your prayers.

Well, tomorrow is MLK day and Jenna is out of school and I'm off work. Hooray! I have no plans except to do a tiny bit of work at home and then maybe have lunch with Hannah and Rachel. I'm supposed to go to a jewelry party tomorrow night and Steve and Jenna are going to the DLES girls' basketball game. But we'll have to play that by ear depending on what's going on with the parents.

That's about it for now.

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Meredith said...

Hey friend - please forgive me for not writing and commenting earlier, but I want you to know that I have and will continue to pray for you during this bumpy road time. We are also praying for Steve's dad. Love you!