First, thanks to you for all your prayers. Steve's dad is FINALLY home! He took a little spill the evening he got home but thankfully he wasn't hurt, but had to have his grandson come help him up because Steve's mom is in no shape to be handling him. We are just so thankful that he is OK. They both have a very long road of recovery and need your continued prayers.

I've been crazy busy at work with meetings solid for the past two days which makes me very behind on my regular work, emails and phone calls. I am afraid that this is just the beginning though. Also, this week Steve found out his manager is leaving the company. This manager has really done alot for Steve...taken time to teach him, mentor him and really been his advocate. He truly has saved Steve's skin several times. Of course, now we are back to wondering what in the world will happen and whether Steve will have a job in the future. We are praying sincerely about it. I feel the Lord is telling me that if we will just be still, He will take care of us. But being still is way too hard! :) Just something else to put on the prayer list!

Really, there's not that much else going on. No exciting plans for the weekend, but I'll keep you posted.

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