First day of...

Several "firsts" today. It was Jenna's first day back to school after the holidays. It was my first "real" day back to work since the holidays.

Another first was on Saturday, Jenna attended her first horseback riding lesson and loved it! I have pictures, but I don't feel like uploading them now. It was freezing cold and rainy, but not enough to stop them riding. I stayed out the whole time and watched. I know it must have taken me about 2 hours to thaw myself out!

Today was also my first WW meeting. I'm not EVEN going to tell you how much I weighed in at, but suffice it to say I have to lose 40 pounds to get to the HIGH end of my "ideal weight" (who thinks of those things anyway!?)

Another first for me is that I tried to give blood. Yes, key word is "tried". It really wasn't the first time because I gave about 9 years ago at work and ended up sitting on my head because I quite nearly passed out. But that was forever ago. Time to give it another shot (no pun intended), right?!

Not so much.

I ended up on my head again. Not just feeling like I was going to pass out, but nauseous and clammy etc. So, my motto is, "Once a fainter, always a fainter." Neither time did I go all the way out, but it is most uncomfortable.

I'm beat tonight, partly because I'm a huge bag of blood short and the other because I am back to getting only 7 hours of sleep when I have gotten used to at least 8 1/2!

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clg0513 said...

oh girl - at least you tried to give blood - that's more than some people can say. I used to give blood as well but the last two times my blood didn't flow fast enough to fill the bag up within a certain amount of time so they told me they'd have to toss it. Okay so it wasn't a full pint but you are going to toss it!!!

Hopefully you are relaxing and feeling better.