Happy 2008!

Well, it is a new year already and I have resolved not to make any New Year's Resolutions. I think I'm probably the last person alive that actually did them, but this year, I'm not.
Last night, our friends, the Millsaps, came to spend the evening with us and watch the ball drop in New York. Rachel and I scrapbooked until almost midnight and if you can believe it, the two girls stayed up to watch the ball drop as well!
This afternoon, I was scrapbooking and Jenna looked out the window and screamed, "It's SNOWING!". I thought she was just fooling around, but I looked out and much to my surprise, it looked like a blizzard! The picture doesn't do it justice, but Jenna had a fit for the whole 5 minutes it lasted!
Last year, my new friend Leigh Ann started the Chronological Bible and read it through in a year. During our Bible Study this fall, she (and others) raved about it, so today Rachel and I started reading it as well. I haven't gotten far (obviously), but I am SO looking forward to it. I also have my Apologetics Bible and the Archaelogical Bible to go along with it. Cool!

I'm off work tomorrow but then I'll be back on Thursday and Friday and then one last day off on Monday before having to go back full time.
For now, I'm off to read!

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