Show Us Your Life-Adoption!

Kelly's Korner is one of the blogs I have been reading for some time now. Frequently she does "Show Us Your Life" Fridays. There have been SUYL Fridays for every room in the house, even a single friends SUYL! I never link up because I never have time to take pictures of the rooms in my house and I'm pretty sure no one would be impressed with my lack of decorating skills.
Anyway, I digress. Kelly's SUYL Friday was about Adoption Stories! So if you linked to me from there, WELCOME!
Even though our girl is home and about to celebrate her 2nd birthday, we are still on this journey.  I'd love for you to click on our Gotcha Day video (see right sidebar!) or just browse my blog.  I'd be happy to answer any questions about our agency (Lifeline!) or our cleft lip/palate special need!  And if you want to read all about how we came to decide to take this journey, click here

This blog follows the last turbulent years of my life (several family losses including my dad, mother in law and two brothers, job loss from my husband etc.). But in the end, God has blessed us abundantly more than I could ask and yes, even imagine.

Welcome to our story. 

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