Passport To Purity

If you have a daughter who is about to be a tween or already a tween, I highly recommend this program for “the talk”.

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It is meant to be done as a weekend trip with just you and your girl.  Jenna and I are embarking on this adventure in a few weeks.  We’ll be traveling to Chattanooga (and I get to see my dear friend Julie while there!) and spending a weekend together dealing with just the issues surrounding this area. 

My friend Rachel VG turned me on to this and I owe her BIG TIME.  I have spent several hours preparing ahead of time and I’m still not ready yet.  I’ll warn you…it takes some time to prepare, but not too much.  I just preferred to listen to the sessions (on CD) prior to hopping in the car and heading out.  And let me tell you…it covers EVERYTHING.  And it’s deep stuff.  And embarrassing stuff.  And intense stuff.

And NECESSARY stuff.

As Christian parents, we need to deal with all that goes along with “the talk” or someone else will do it for us. 

So, if you think about it…pray for us over the next few weeks as I prepare the sessions, prepare myself and pray that Jenna is prepared.  I hope this will open up the lines of communication now so she’s free to talk to me later when it REALLY matters.

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Melissa said...

I'v'e heard lots of good things about that, hope it goes well! Let me know what you think!