Hula Hoop!

Boy talk about behind behind.  I just realized I hadn’t blogged about the talent show Jenna participated in back in…ahem…OCTOBER.
Jenna participated in the 4th grade talent show last year which very much impressed me.  Any kid that can get up in front of their peers and their peers’ parents and do anything is pretty brave in my book!
Jenna definitely wanted to participate but struggled with what to do.  She kept wanting to do a drum solo, but logistically that wasn’t going to work (not to mention she’s not played a drum in her life).  I told her to find something she was already good at and so once she thought for a minute, it was an easy choice.
Of this many kids participating…
Jenna was the only hula hooper.  Smile  She picked this song and then choreographed her own moves.
She was a little nervous, but in the end, did really great!  It was a pretty lengthy show, but Kylie did well and I was super impressed by not only my girl but all these talented kids. 
Jenna hula hoopin’

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