Past Due Visit (and post)

Many of you remember my “WBFF”, Katelyn who packed up and moved to Colorado right about this time last year.  If you need a recap of my breaking heart, you can read about that here.

Well, some big things have happened to Katelyn since she moved…first of all, she got engaged!!!  She is currently planning a wedding which you can follow over on her blog.  Also, her fiancé has gotten the fabulous professional opportunity in Seattle and so they are once again, moving even FURTHER AWAY FROM ME.

OK, but this post isn’t all about me.  Back in…ahem…November, Katelyn came back to Nashville for a visit.  Lots of it was wedding prep, but somehow she managed to meet up with me for lunch.  Steve, Jenna and Kylie were able to come and meet us (because for some reason, Jenna was out of school that day) and so Katelyn got to meet Kylie for the first time!

And where did we meet for lunch?  None other than the delicious and ever favorite (for both of us) Jet’s pizza! 

Hi from Colorado Nashville Visit 3

Kylie and Jenna had fun playing in the restaurant.

2012-11-05 12.53.07

2012-11-05 12.51.52

It was a short visit for us, but it was so worth it.  Next time I see that smiling face, it will be at her wedding!

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Katelyn Burkhart said...

IT'S ME! craving jet's now... thanks a lot! :)