Kylie enjoys the church nursery SO much.  This past Sunday, when she left my classroom (I teach young 3s) with Steve, to go to hers, she said, "Bye!  Bye!" and Steve said she walked right into her classroom and started playing.

Her teachers are truly fabulous and I am SO thankful for the men and women (yes, men...Kylie loves her men, just like Jenna did) who sacrifice their time each week to teach her and make her feel safe.

Luckily, a few weeks ago, my friend Elizabeth, joined the teaching crew in that room, because her sweet Congo boy, Moses, was being introduced to church nursery (if you remember, Elizabeth and I first met while I was loving on her older girls in the nursery).

I got the following videos while teaching my 3s a couple Sundays ago...tell you what...these kiddos know how to have fun!!!

A few weeks ago, my friend Jill and I went to hang out at Elizabeth's house and it was a little like we were running a daycare.  3 adults, a tween and 5 or 6 little kids!  In January, Kylie will join Moses and Wylie in a local Christian daycare.  I told Elizabeth, those poor teachers have no idea what they are in for!!!
And you know, I can't show a video like this without bragging on my wonderful church.  How many churches can boast at least 3 nationalities in one toddler class?  Not many.  Not to mention, I'm ultra excited about a new China friend coming to join out church in the next few months...some friends of ours just got their referral and I absolutely cannot WAIT to meet him!!

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