Happy birthday Rachel!

Today I want to wish my dearest and oldest friend, Rachel, a very happy birthday!
Rachel and I have known each other literally our entire lives.  We are very much alike and at the same time, oh, so very different!

We hold the same morals, work ethic and values.  We went to the same school, home church and now attend the same church and live in the same town.  Up until last year, we worked at the same company.

Rachel is way more outgoing than I am and a ton funnier.  She is also way more laid back and she is  phenomenal event planner. Not too long ago, I volunteered to help with a church event she was planning and I got to see her professional side and WOW!!!  I just couldn't get over it! 

She is currently STILL in the very, very long wait for a little girl in Ethiopia.  I know God had written her story just like ours, but it's been several VERY LONG years...once upon a time, we actually thought we might travel together right before the big slow down in ET.  So, if you will, take a moment today and whisper a prayer for her as she continues to wait.  I know a lot of adoptive families read this blog and while we all waiting various times for our children, we know the pain and struggle that you endure during that time.  And if you want the HELP her bring her daughter home, she's selling these cookbooks for $20. 

I put a bunch of recipes in there and it has become my favorite cookbook I own and I'm not exaggerating.  I seriously love it.  So if you want one, comment or email me and I'll put you in touch.  And if you are out of town, I will personally cover the shipping costs.

Happy birthday Rachel!  Here's to your last birthday without Zoe in your arms!!!

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Christy said...

Get me in touch! I can even pay my own shipping costs! PS. I found my card I gave to you and took back the other day. Now I need to actually write in it to send it back!