Christmas fun

A few weeks ago, our church life group had a little Christmas party.  I'm pretty certain I've mentioned how much I love my life group (and church) before.  We wore ugly Christmas sweaters (explaining the green one in the video) and did some fun games.

This is a video of a game of spoons...I was already "out" and I laugh hysterically every time I watch this.
One of the other games was to take balloons and hose and make a reindeer. Oh my word.

  And somehow the reindeer antlers became a new Christmas decoration in the yard of our fabulous leaders...
Oh so fun...

And there's been fun going on at home too.  We have a Santa that dances to Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree and a Grinch that sings the famous "Mr. Grinch" song.  Kylie loves to dance to them both and thinks the Grinch is hilarious as long as she doesn't have to touch him.
At the end, she's singing that last note with him.  And if you listen closely, you can hear her say "more" to Jenna meaning she wanted Jenna to push his button and make him sing again.

We did go to see Santa.  It went as well as could be expected.  I'll post that picture a little later...until then, here's a pic of my sweet Sunday School class watching the live nativity last weekend at church...

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