Christmas v1.1

The Saturday before Christmas, we got together with my side of the family.  If you can believe it, I walked out without my camera.  I was so irritated with myself but the weekend had been so hectic...I had my sweet grandson Gage with me and Steve was gone ALL day...and I was trying to cook and get the last minute stuff done for Christmas...something was bound to be forgotten and it was the camera.  Thank God for Apple and iPhones which take pics just as well as DSLRs sometimes!!  In a pinch, it'll do!

The spread this year wasn't as over-the-top as in years past.  I think I'm scaling back and so is everyone else. 
I love holiday food.  All of this was SO delish.  And the company wasn't bad either.  :)

It was Kylie's first time to EVER open a gift.  And there I was without my camera.  Turns out, it was fine because I used my camera to video and I'm SO glad I did.
She really was sure what it was all about, but she enjoyed the time with family nonetheless.

She really seemed like she turned a corner this season with the family.  She would let a variety of people hold her (not for long though) and she took to anyone who would play with her.  And of course, the big kids enjoyed the gift opening too...

I will tell you...I always go on and on about how much I enjoy spending time with the Taylors and I do.  I love them dearly.  But I love my family just as much.  We don't spend nearly enough time together and when we do get together, everyone always has such a great time and talks about why we don't do it more often.  I didn't get a family pic since I forgot my camera but I'm still glad we got together.  Now if we could just find time to do that more often...

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