What a weekend!

I am back from my long scrapbooking weekend! I am bummed that it's over already. But the good news is that I got all my cruise pictures in an album. I also got Jenna's school book caught up, all my Virginia Beach pictures in an album and Jenna's regular book is caught up to July of this year. While that sounds good, if you only saw how many pictures I have since July of this year, you wouldn't be so impressed!

Now, all me to brag a bit...Jenna got her report card last week and I was super excited. Most of you know that I am a big reader and I feel that her reading well is the key to a successful education. At her school, you are expected to be at reading level "J" when you leave first grade. Jenna is at reading level "H" right now which is the expectation after the 3rd grading period. This is just the first! I am so proud and excited for her. She was proud of herself too. She got "E"s in Bible, outside reading, phonics, english/writing, spelling, science and social studies. "E" is considered as excelling in the subject. "S" is satisfactory and she got and S in reading, handwriting, math, and conduct. She also got straight "S"s in all the subjects she does outside the classroom like Art, Spanish, music and library. The lowest grade she got was an "S-". Can you guess what that was in? I'll give you a hint, it was under conduct. :) Yep..."controls talking". Geez...wonder where she got that? :) I'm proud of my smart girl!

News on the Dad front...he did NOT go home on Thursday. As a precaution, they checked his urine for infection before releasing him and it came back positive with a "super bug", so they kept him over the weekend to administer antibiotics through injection. Bertie was hoping to have him released late in the weekend, but last night, they called her and said they did another culture and after all this time, the infection was still there. Bertie was pretty upset because they kept him all weekend giving him antibiotics that weren't even effective for the infection he had. So she talked to his doctor first thing this morning and he felt he was fine to go on and be released. By the time she got to the nursing home, the order had already been sent and Bertie was ready to take him home this afternoon. However, at the last minute, she received a call that the doctor from the nursing home had come around and said he thought Daddy needed to go to the hospital. Again, we were pretty upset and disappointed. But then this afternoon, she called and said they were home. Apparently, once the hospital did a quick culture, they identified the bug right away and gave the appopriate antibiotics which could be given by mouth. She said Dadd was so glad to be home and I could tell Bertie was relieved. Hopefully he'll just continue to improve. I'll keep you posted.

Finally, Jenna is out of school on Friday (October 31) and Monday (November 3) and we are looking for someone to keep her on Halloween from about 7am until noon. Steve's taking off in the afternoon. Steve's sister is keeping her on the 3rd (thanks Deanne!) but we want someone more local for the 31st. If you aren't already homeschooling and want to help out, let me know. If we can't find someone, then I'll most likely take her to work with me until Steve can take off.

That's about it for now.

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Meredith said...

Would love too ... but we're going to be on the road returning from dropping off my kids in Augusta. Next time maybe!