OK, so I'm totally bummed right now. Two of our couple friends from church are doing the Fireproof Bible Study with us. Tonight was our night to host. We made a big pot of chili, several desserts and bought finger candy (think candy corn, M&Ms and Skittles). This morning after church, we got a call that one of our members was sick and so we collectively decided to cancel. I understand and would not want to take the chance of spreading the illness, but I'm totally bummed! I love spending time with these couples (more than you know!) and I'm disappointed we can't get together. I have no idea what to do with all this chili! So, if you are local and have a "hankerin'" (that's a southern word) for some chili, come on over...it's in the crockpot and ready whenever you are hungry!

However, as disappointed as I am, I do have th rest of the day free and I'm wondering what to get into. I had to do all my "stuff" yesterday since I thought we'd be tied up today, so now, it's just a free day. Steve is thining he might get the Halloween decorations out. I've had the urge to go spend money that I don't have (I seem to have this problem), but I'm going to stay close just so I don't. Jenna is still out of school tomorrow and we have several things to do (more on that later), so I want to enjoy my day today.

I went to visit Daddy on Friday morning with Jenna and then we went to have lunch at Chuck E. Cheeses with my friend Carrie and her kids Z and S. After that, we went home where I promptly fell asleep on the couch! Ah...I love Fall Break! Friday evening, we went to the DLHS football game. GO MUSTANGS! We are undefeated.

I did my normal weekend activities yesterday, laundry, grocery shopping and cleaning. After finishing all that, I felt like I should go visit Daddy again, so Jenna and I loaded up and drove in for an hour or so. He's doing very well. Honestly, I think the alcohol has done it's damage to his brain and how he is now is as good as he's going to get. But I do anticipate that he would eventually be able to be self sufficient again, which is good news. He did take a spill on Wednesday when he got out of bed unassisted, but luckily, although bruised and sore, he did not break anything (like a hip!). After we got home, Micah and Gage were here and they ate dinner with us and spent the night, so that was pretty fun. Micah is just dabbling in scrapbooking right now, so I looked at what she's done, gave her a few things from my stuff and talked to her about the basics. It's a pity she doesn't live closer...I'd love to be able to scrapbook with her often.

Tomorrow, Bertie has a meeting with the doctor and nurses at the nursing facility and I'm going to attend as well. We aren't sure that they are actually doing much to help him that we couldn't have done at the house. So, we are meeting to talk with them about how he's progressing, what they think his prognosis is and when they think he can go home. That will be tomorrow morning. We were going to go to Dinosaur World with my niece Karen and her son, but I don't now what time we'll be done with Daddy's meeting. Although I don't think it will take long, I could be wrong. So, to make it up to Jenna, I have told her that if she'd be good while I was in the meeting, we would spend the day doing whatever she wanted. She's already made her list which consists of Build A Bear workshop, swimming at the rec center, a movie, playing Barbies, watching a scary movie at home and eating popcorn. We did the scary movie and popcorn last night and I'm not sure the rec center will have their indoor pool open tomorrow, so we might have to alter her list a bit. ;) I might take her to the pumpkin patch since schools are back in tomorrow.

And now, I think I might go scrapbook some. I NEVER get time to do this at home...It's 2:30 and I have hours to work...we'll see how far I get.

That's all for now...hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday afternoon. GO TITANS!

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