Our Day in Pictures

Today was our last day of Fall Break, so I thought it would be fun to give you the rundown in pictures...

After the meeting at the nursing facility about Daddy (which went well. He's going home this Thursday!), we went to the mall to do Build A Bear.

Unfortunately, we got there shortly after nine and the stores in the mall doesn't open until 10am. Jenna wanted to wait...so, we did.

We walked around the mall and literally window shopped. Then we found one of those picture booths and did that. Here's Jenna showing off her model-pose and the crazy pictures I paid a whopping $3 for!

Finally, it was time and Jenna selected an elephant from BABW. I have to admit, it was one of her cuter selections.

After that, I decided to show Jenna what a REAL cupcake was like. For those who aren't local and aren't familiar with Gigi's cupcakes, you are truly missing out. These cupcakes are to die for! There's like a billion calories in one cupcake. Jenna readily agreed that she hadn't tasted a cupcake until she tasted Gigi's.

After a stomache and a ride home, Jenna's next request was to play Barbies. Here she is pointing to her Barbie. Just so you know, the other two were mine and they were on their way to watch Jenna's Barbie go bowling. :)

After playing, I took some time to finish up my Bible Study and then we went for a really late lunch. Her choice (quite appropriately)...

Then it was off to do some errands before this coming scrapbook weekend (did you wonder how long it would take me to work THAT in?! :) ) And of course, we went to my favorite store in the world! Can you recognize it?

Then we came back home and Jenna played and watched TV while I did a little work for Jenna. She is in a play at school later this month and she is a cow. It is the parents' responsibility to MAKE the costume. Uh. Yeah. Unfortunately, I did NOT learn any sewing or handiwork from my mother before she passed away. But I figured I'd give it my best shot. Thanks to my bud, Rachel (who provided the black felt and pipe cleaners), I think it turned out pretty good. Honestly, I think my mother would be proud. What do you think?

(yes, I know it's missing a tail...that's the one thing I still have left to do!)

And THAT'S how we spent our last day of Fall Break!

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Stacey said...

Miss Ginger is already proud of you momma but yeah the cow rocks!