A few things on my mind...

There is so much more I want to say about these thoughts in my head, but I don't think I'm where I need to be to feel comfortable spewing ALL my thoughts.  :)  So, for your reading pleasure (no sarcasm there!), here are my random thoughts and questions...

*I think people are more mean than they used to be.  I don't know if it just seems that way because God is dealing with me on being nicer or what.  But some people around me who used to be nice are now meaner than before and the mean people seems substantially meaner.  Again, probably not best to elaborate much here.

*Why is it that the blogs I follow (and there are a lot of them...I'm a blog 'ho) are just now starting to realize the devastation in Tennesee?  I know this isn't Katrina, but to the people whose homes and worlds were washed away, it's their Katrina.  That bothers me.  I do read a couple blogs that have noticed...check out MckMama's blog and what she's doing to help. 

*Does it seem that people are taking this Crazy Love and Radical (stay tuned for more Radical) stuff to heart?  I mean, everywhere I look there are people changing their lives.  I read a variety of blogs whose authors come from every part of the nation so it's not just the Church at Station Hill or my Bible study girls...it's everywhere.  Several of the blogs I read are downsizing their homes, cars or adoption needy children.  I am wondering...what is my part in this?

*Fundraising...I'm feeling quite guilty (?) about asking folks for money for South Africa.  I'm not sure that "guilty" is the right word...uneasy maybe?  I'm feeling increasingly uncomfortable about asking for monetary donations, donations for yard sales or to buy something.  I'm still praying about this but I'm thinking perhaps I will have my yard sale, close out my Scentsy party (thanks for your orders by the way!) and then maybe do a gold party mainly because a) my friends are buyers so I know it's legit and b) because it actually makes YOU money.  And yes, I've done this before and so has Rachel and we both walked away with a pocket full o cash.  So it's legitimate and gold prices are high right now.  Anyway...I think you will see less of me asking for donations.  I'm feeling like maybe God is telling me to just trust Him.

*My good friend Katelyn is traveling to China today to visit a friend who teaches English there.  She's not a fan of flying and so she's asked for prayers.  Pray for her to have a safe flight and trip.  She's pretty special to me for a variety of reasons so indulge me in this if you will.

OK, that's it...now stay tuned for something RADICAL!

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