Happy Easter-A little taste of heaven...

Today I believe I got just a little taste of heaven at Brentwood Baptist's Easter service. There were 3 services...7am, 9am and 11am. We went to the 9am and the auditorium (which holds about 3,500?) was full. Not to mention the choir loft. And to hear all those voices singing in unison with a full orchestra....well, when I closed my eyes, I'm pretty sure God gave me a tiny glimpse of what heaven will be like. It was unbelievable.
Because Steve and David had to serve at all three services, they carpooled in together very early this morning and Rachel, I and the girls went later. The girls were SUPER cute in their Easter dresses!We didn't have plans for after church and didn't feel like fighting the crowds at the restaurants, so we just came home. Jenna and I played around, took quite the long walk (JG rode her bike) and then just hung out some. I hid some eggs for her to find and then she hid some for me to find. It was a good afternoon.

Yesterday, we spend the afternoon with Steve's niece and her husband and Jenna's cousin, Hannah. I boiled eggs and took them and they colored them while we were there. I think they enjoyed it and the eggs really turned out cute!All in all, it's been a great holiday. Hope you all enjoyed it as well.

"He is not here; he has risen, just as he said." Matthew 28:6a

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Stacey said...

My church heaven moment happened in Radnor one Easter. The song He's Alive was being sung (the one recorded by Dolly Parton several years ago) and you were signing it. The passion and energy you showed was fantastic. I was so proud of you. Okay enough gushy stuff.