Thanks to everyone who emailed me earlier this week to be sure we had survived all the bad weather and tornadoes that blew threw on Tuesday night.

It was very bad and while the city I live in was spared, several counties south of us were hit and mostly devastated. Check out this website to find out how you can help. Union University has a blog and to the right, you can view a slideshow of the devastation.

I am sick YET AGAIN. I started sneezing today at work and now I literally cannot breathe at all! I think this is the 4th time this season that I've been sick and I am quite getting tired of it. Don't know what to do about it though. I took 2 Tylenol Severe Allergy and now I'm about to fall out. My ears are stopped up and I am miserable. It's not that I feel so bad per se, but trying to breathe wears me out and really ticks me off that I'm even sick at all.

Oh, one more update...I can't believe I'm just now posting this...I had a weigh-in at Weight Watchers on Tuesday. I was in such a mood that day that I thought if I didn't lose, no one would want to be around me at all. Guess the good Lord was looking out for me because I lost 3.2lbs! I'm down almost 7 pounds!

OK, I am off to bed in hopes that my head will explode and relieve the pressure or it will get better during the night.

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