First one since I think Jenna has been in "real" school! It was so cool and Jenna is swinging from the rafters ready to go play in it. Unfortunately, as an adult, we don't typically get snow days, so I will be taking her in to work with me shortly and trying to get a few hours in. She usually does pretty good... But it is very exciting to us, even though there's really not much snow. I'll have pictures and maybe video in a bit.

Second exciting thing that happened is that at my weigh in at WW yesterday, I lost .8lbs which took me over the 10lb mark!!! Hip Hip Hooray! I was so excited! Thanks for all your support!

OK, Jenna is yelling at me for breakfast so we can go out. I haven't even showered this morning yet, so I better get to it....more to come.

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