Let's see...what is going on with the Taylors?

Well, this past weekend Steve and I celebrated Valentine's Day. We went to the Melting Pot on Saturday night which is a once a year (if that much) event for us. The V-day special is quite pricey but it's about the only time we'd ever splurge. I tried to be good all week with my Weight Watcher points and then Saturday, because I got up kind of late, I didn't really have lunch, but I ate so I wouldn't be ravenous when we got there. Rachel and Hannah kept Jenna while we went to eat and to see Spamalot (thanks Rach!). Anyway, I ate some of everything at the Melting Pot. Which included very yummy bread with cheese fondue as well as dessert. I know dessert was probably dangerous, but most of what I ate was fruit, albeit, fruit dipped in WAY DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE!!

Anyway, all that to say, I knew I was going to gain at my Tuesday weigh in as I didn't have any days that I could squeeze in exercise. I thought about turning in my "no weigh" pass and skip the weigh in all together. But my friend at work, Nancy, warned against this. She said if I had a bad week I should weigh in just to see the results. So, I determined I would go, but just thinking about gaining made me feel anti-social so I decided I would weigh, but NOT stay for the meeting.

I got on the scales and the lady recorded my "progress". She didn't say anything and I didn't feel like looking at the stupid book to see the damage. On my way over to tell my friend I wasn't staying for the meeting, my curiosity got the best of me and I opened my weight tracking book anyway. I honestly have to tell you, I had to look 3 times because I absolutely could NOT believe what I was seeing. I LOST 2 pounds!!! WHA?????????????? I have no idea how that happened other than God was merciful because He knew I at least tried to be good!! That puts me at a total weight loss of 9.6lbs and this is starting week 8. I get a 10lb sticker when I reach that milestone, so I'm busting my butt this week to get that sticker! I've exercised yesterday and today. I'm probably not eating as well as I could, but I'm still watching my intake closely. My first weight loss goal is 10% which is 17 pounds (yes, I basically just told you what I weighed when I started)...I am over 1/2 way to that goal and I am feeling fabulous! I can feel the difference already in my pants which were getting so uncomfortably tight. I'm thrilled and I am thinking I can now see it in the mirror too. YAY!

OK, that was an awfully long post about my weight loss...but now you know. On another happy note, we have filed our taxes and will get a nice sized refund soon. We have most all of it going into our savings for our summer vacation which is a CRUISE! I'm so proud because as soon as it hits, we will have enough to pay for the entire vacation including the excursions we decide to do. Unfortunately, my family in Florida is not going to be able to go and we are totally bummed. So, if any of my friends or family reading this is interested in tagging along (at your expense of course!), we are going in August and to the Carribean...shoot me an email and I'll tell you all about it. We just think it will be more fun with another family, but believe you me, we will go alone and have fun regardless!

I'm trying to think whether there is anything else going on...I guess not really. I can tell you that I am thoroughly enjoying this Sunday night service thing at our church. The past 2 weeks, I have not even gotten out of my pajamas until around 2-3pm when it was time to leave for our activities. It's not like I haven't worked because I'm doing stuff around the house, but I just do it in my PJs. In fact, while preparing for my scrapbooking retreat in a couple weeks (I'm literally giddy about this), I went up in the attic to search for some older pictures. I found a bunch of boxes full of stuff that just came with us when we moved and it's stuff I can donate, so I am planning to do that this weekend. In fact, I'm looking forward to it.

Well, that's about it. Everything else is status quo...busy as usual. I'll be back shortly to update you more.

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