I'm ready...

Allow me to share with you some thoughts of mine from our church service this morning.

It was one of the most wonderful services I've been to in a long time. First, it began with one of my favorite songs, "How Great is Our God"...if that song doesn't make you raise your hands in praise, then nothing will! It was awesome and I just couldn't stay still. But it was only to get better...the next song was "Days of Elijah". By the time the chorus was in full swing, I looked around at the congregation and hands were going up all over the auditorium. For those of you who don't know much about my church, BBC, we average around a couple thousand in service. To look around and see so many in the congregation praising Him and the choir singing and raising their hands... I'll have to tell you, at that moment, I imagined this must be what heaven will be like. All of us singing praises and just having a good time.

The song service got better as we sang, "To God Be The Glory and then the choir sang their special which turned out to be one of my favorite songs of all time..."Let the Worshippers Arise". The words of the chorus go something like this, "Let the worshippers arise. Let the sons and the daughters sing. I'm surrendering my all. I surrender to the king." And during the second chorus, I look over (I love watching church members) and see a lone woman way over on the side of the auditorium slow rise with her hands raised. I turn to my right and see a second member do the same. Then I see our missions ministry assistant stand up and I couldn't sit still. I stood up, but by the time I had, there were handfuls of people all over rising to their feet and raising their hands in the air. It was just an awesome service. At that moment, I could have been taken up into heaven and been just fine with it!!!

OK, well, I just wanted to share my experience in church this morning. Gage and Micah are gone, Jenna is in bed and Steve is bowling. Tomorrow starts yet another day.

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The Millsaps said...

Read my blog - I tagged you. BTW -this was a very good post and I am really bummed I missed the service.