Financial Commitments

Interesting how things work...a few months ago, our church decided to build "Phase II" of our new building. There were plenty of meetings and information floating around. Everything was surrounding members of the church making a commitment to give financially toward the capital campaign. The idea is to pray about giving above and beyond what you already give as your tithe. So, I started praying. And I came to a conclusion about how much I thought we should give. And I told Steve and made the commitment together (which is a 3 year commitment) to do this. Almost immediately after deciding, unexpected bills started to pile up. It was a vet bill here, the A/C man there...just those normal everyday things that crop up when you are least expecting them. And of course, I found myself angry at God (again!) I felt like I finally made a commitment to go above and beyond (which, when it comes to finances, is unlike me) and then He allows all these things to start hitting. But then I realized He was asking me..."Will you trust me in the lean times just like in times of plenty?" I had made the commitment when things were easy and we had plenty of money, but when things got tight, I actually got angry. Steve and I had the same conversation and he agreed (reluctantly I think!) that I was right...if we were going to commit, we'd do it whole-heartedly. And just so you know, things have financially continued to get worse. But we are trusting God to provide. Good grief, what else do we have to hang onto if not for that?!?!

The good news is that we had a Thailand meeting last night and I got my account balance...and the balance is just a portion of what I originally owed. I do still owe, so for those of you who still want to donate, please don't let this be a deterrant. I am trusting that God will continue to provide and I'm trusting that He will send enough financial blessings our way to hopefully cover not just my trip, but Steve's trip to Moldova also. I am excited to see what He's going to teach me through this entire mission journey! For those that have already donated, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. For those that haven't, I encourage you to pray about what you can/should do. I understand that some of you are like us and really can't afford any extra. To those of you, I ask you to pray for us. This is uncharted territory for both of us.

Welcome Shelby Jones!
I have been delinquent in welcoming Shelby into the world! Shelby Jones born to one of my closest (though not geographically) and dearest friends in the world, Kylene! She arrived last Friday, April 20 at a little after noon. She weighed just 7lbs 5 oz which is a lightweight compared to her big sister Madyson! Kylene has been through a pretty stressful time, including moving from Mt. Juliet TN to Huntsville AL about 2 weeks ago (yes, during her 9th month of pregnancy). Kylene was dilated to about 4cm for 3-4 weeks and we thought Shelby would NEVER come!! Well, she is finally here and both Mom and Shelby are doing fine. They are back home in Huntsville and we are hoping to visit in August.

That's about it from us here. We'll post more when there is more to post!!!

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