Steve's on his way...

Thought I'd give just a few quick updates on us...

Welcome to the world Baby Potter! My cousin and her husband had their 2nd child this week...a baby girl. Not sure of the details yet, but will update as soon as I hear. But welcome to the world!

Steve and Moldova
I've had many of you ask about Steve's final decision on going on the mission trip to Moldova. Well, today we sent his application and deposit in, so it's a done deal! We have taken a step of faith that the Lord will provide the funds. Now that the decision is final, I think he's really looking forward to it. We'll have so much to talk about and I think that God will do amazing things in his life. I don't know that either of us knows just what God is going to do with us this summer, but we are both anxious and open.

Some of you know that Jenna has been talking alot about death lately. Over the Christmas holidays, the father of one of the children in the other kindergarten class at school, suddenly passed away. It was a big deal because he was young left an unsuspecting wife and two young children. Because the child was in the same grade as Jenna, when they got back to school, they talked about it. Around the same time, we had a death in the family and Jenna went with us to the funeral. Since, she's been asking question about death and dying and we were starting to get worried. So yesterday we had a chat with the children's minister at church. He's absolutely wonderful. He spoke to Jenna on her level for some time and then asked us some questions. Ultimately, he told us that we were doing everything right (where this is concerned at least!) and that we should continue to answer her questions directing her back to the Bible where able, be sensitive, but truthful in our answers. He also read her some scripture explaining what heaven was going to be like and that she shouldn't worry about it. She seemed happy when she left and she's not brought it up since.

She also had her regular dental appointment today. She's got 2 little cavities in between teeth which the dentist said wasn't uncommon because little kids have trouble brushing well to get there. She'll have them filled next month. Otherwise, everything is fine!

Another baby on the way...
My friend Kylene is due to have her second baby (Shelby) any day now. She's actually due on the 20th, but is also moving this weekend all the way to Huntsville Alabama. She's got more than I can even imagine right now going on with one young child, 9 months pregnant with #2, trying to close on 2 houses and her husband being in Alabama on his new job. Keep her in your prayers. Her OB told her today she's now 3.5-4cm dilated and 75% effaced. She could go any day. Despite her doctor's objections, she's headed to AL this weekend to oversee the move and if she makes it, she'll come back on Monday to stay with family until she delivers. If she goes into labor and doesn't think she can make it back for her OB, she'll deliver in Huntsville. Cross your fingers she can make it till Monday!

Baby Gage
Micah and Gage are doing fine. I have pictures now and will be distributing them to the family soon. He's doing fine and still nursing well. Micah is supplementing here and there with formula but it doesn't seem to set well with his tummy, so she's trying to keep nursing as much as possible. She's coming some time this weekend to stay with us overnight and we are thrilled to get to spend time with him and her. I can't wait! I'm sure I'll have TONS of pictures and video next week. I am having an all day scrapbook on the 21st, so hopefully I'll get them all into an album.

Well, I guess that's about it from here. I thought this was going to be a quick update, but I guess not. Another week almost gone...I'll keep you posted as much as I can!

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